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How does UV-C technology benefit your restaurant? There’s a lot of information out there about what UV-C technology is, and what it does, but how does all of that apply to you? If you’re looking into methods that will help you provide a safer, cleaner restaurant environment, and get your customers back to dining in again, UV-C technology can help. Here are 5 specific benefits of UV-C technology for restaurants:


01. UV-C Light is A Well-Known, Well-Studied Method of Pathogen Control

Your restaurant needs a method of pathogen control that your employees and your clients feel confident in. UV-C light has been around for centuries and is well-known and well-documented for its ability to neutralize pathogens. You can feel confident investing in UV-C light technology, knowing that it is a pathogen control method that is tested and proven to help you create a safer restaurant environment. 


02. New UV-C Light Technology Helps You Neutralize Pathogens at Their Source

New UV-C light technology, like UV Angel’s shielded UV-C air treatment units, enable UV-C light treatment at the source level. Other methods of UV-C treatment are functional, and do work to neutralize pathogens, but are typically very far from the area where pathogens are introduced or are activated when the environment is unoccupied. 

In your restaurant, people are the greatest source of pathogens. You need a treatment method that can effectively neutralize those pathogens as close to the source as possible, to prevent the spread of disease. New, high-quality UV-C technology from innovators like UV Angel provide UV-C light technology at the room-level. This means you are able to start actively neutralizing pathogens safely, at their source, which is people. 


03. Engineered Source Control UV-C Products Make It Easier for You To Provide A Cleaner Restaurant Environment 

In recent months, your restaurant has likely adopted a range of new cleanliness standards and infection prevention methods. Employees disinfect tables and high-touch surfaces regularly, you require that employees and clients alike wear masks, and you also prioritize precautions like encouraging diners to use hand sanitizer. These are all effective methods of preventing the spread of pathogens, but they all require someone in your restaurant to take action. Your team has to remember to wipe down the tables or credit card reader. Your diners have to put on and continue wearing their masks. All of these efforts are considered “administrative” controls. 

“Engineered” source control solutions provide another layer of protection by enabling continuous treatment, without the need for human intervention. For example, products like UV Angel’s Clean Air Series function continuously, 24/7. Clean Air units draw in air from your restaurant and treat it every .7 seconds with UV Angel’s patented ultraviolet (UV-C) technology. After the air has been treated, it is circulated back into your environment. All of this happens automatically, without your team of employees having to lift a finger. That’s pathogen control you can trust is constantly working to provide a cleaner, safer environment for your diners and your staff.


04. UV-C Technology is Suited to Treat Both Air and Surfaces 

Your goal is to provide a safe restaurant environment. To successfully accomplish that goal, you must implement multiple layers of control. As mentioned above, you’ve already stepped up restaurant cleaning with chemicals. UV-C technology can help you add additional layers of control, beyond your regular methods, on both surfaces, and in the air. High-touch surfaces like keyboards and credit card readers are easily treated with UV-C surface-treatment technology, while source-level air treatment units like UV Angel’s Clean Air Series work to actively neutralize pathogens in your restaurant’s air. 


05. Helps You Provide the Safer, Cleaner Environment Your Employees and Customers Need to Feel Confident in Your Restaurant

You want to bring people back to your restaurant, but you need the confidence of both your employees and your customers to make that happen. UV-C treatment technology is well-known, effective, and proven to neutralize pathogens in the air, in water, and on surfaces. The greatest benefit that UV-C technology can provide your restaurant is the peace of mind for your staff and customers. When you implement an advanced technology that can deliver a measurably safer restaurant environment, you’re showing more than a good faith effort to your employees and diners — you’re making measurable efforts to deliver a safer dining experience. 


UV Angel’s patented ultraviolet light technology has already started to make a difference for restaurants around the country. If you’re interested in making your restaurant measurably cleaner and safer for your customers and staff, connect with UV Angel’s knowledgeable staff. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about our products or our technology.