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As governments manage occupied spaces in new ways, we must think critically about the design and safety of the buildings where we gather and work. Employees want to know they are returning to healthy environments. Leaders in government roles can play an important part in creating healthier buildings for visitors by adding UV Angel’s pathogen control technology.

UV Angel provides the comfortable, quiet, and effective pathogen control you need to reopen your government building and provide the safe space your public needs to feel confident about getting back to business. Patented and proven to reduce up to 99.99% of pathogens, our technology helps you set the standard for improved indoor air quality for your region or municipality.

UV Angel for Government & Municipalities

UV Angel is uniquely positioned to deliver the well-tested, proven pathogen control solutions your government or municipal building needs. For more information about our products for your government application, get in touch with a UV Angel expert.

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Lead by example. Create cleaner, safer government buildings with UV Angel’s next-generation pathogen control technology.

Why Choose UV Angel?

  • UV Angel products are up to 99.99% effective against bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
  • Our technology is backed by years of clinical research and peer review.
  • 24/7/365 treatment. UV Angel products are continuously treating your government or municipal building.
  • Safe for use in occupied spaces. Our technology does not introduce harmful chemicals or byproducts into your environment and is safe for use directly in occupied spaces.
  • Pathogen control at the room level pairs with full-system analytics to deliver a big-picture view of how UV Angel is working to deliver cleaner, safer environments.

People are your greatest source of pathogens. UV Angel helps neutralize those pathogens safely, and as close to the source as possible.

UV Angel is Helping Governments & Municipalities Keep Staff and Public Safe

You are looking for ways to not only bring your building occupants back to work, but also to show your public and constituents that you’re working to develop solutions that reduce pathogens in your environment and help prevent future pandemics from ever happening. UV Angel helps you do both.

By implementing proven, patented next-generation UV-C technology, you create cleaner, safer government buildings for the public, and for your employees. Here’s a look at how UV Angel products deliver the proven, effective pathogen control you’re looking for.

Source-Control Air Treatment Technology

People are the greatest source of pathogens. UV Angel’s Clean Air™ units deliver control directly in the spaces where people congregate with safe, shielded UV-C technology. Our units install directly into the ceiling, where they draw contaminated room air into a shielded UV-C chamber. As contaminated air flows over our high-powered, ozone-free UV-C bulb, pathogens are neutralized every 0.7 seconds. Once treated, air is returned back into the room.

Treating your government building 24/7/365, UV Angel Clean Air™ units help provide the higher-quality indoor air your employees and visitors need to return to work with confidence.

UV Angel Clean Air

Surface Treatment Technology

UV Angel Adapt ™ units provide the unobtrusive surface treatment solution you need to treat high-touch surfaces like shared computers, reception desks, keyboards, credit card machines, and more. These units use intelligent sensors to detect surfaces and neutralize present pathogens at the cellular level. Operating hundreds of times a day, UV Angel Adapt ™ units deliver elimination rates greater than 99%, treating high-touch surfaces and keeping people safe, without interrupting your government buildings’ flow of operations.

UV Angel Adapt

The Software to Bring it All Together

Governments and municipalities are always looking for ways to modernize old and outdated systems. UV Angel helps you here, too. Our units deliver effective pathogen control at the room level, but our robust cloud software delivers the macro-level analytics you need to see how your entire pathogen control system is performing, across offices, buildings, and even your entire campus.

Features Include:

  • IoT connectivity built into every UV Angel unit.
  • A robust, remotely accessible cloud platform. See data from any unit at a glance, wherever you are.
  • Open API. Easily integrate existing data sources and pathogen control systems, like HVAC and air filtration systems, building management systems, and more.
  • Advanced analytics. The robust, custom reporting you need to make proactive, data-based decisions about the cleanliness of your government or municipal building.

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