UV Angel Helps You Keep Athletes, Performers, and Fans Safe With Next-Generation Pathogen Control

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced a public reticence for large events and gatherings. We now know all too well how much risk is associated with the large crowds at professional sporting events, conventions, and concerts. As the imminent threat of the pandemic begins to fade, people — event-goers, performers, and athletes alike — still want to know how event venues and training facilities are working to keep them safe. UV Angel’s next-generation pathogen control technology introduces the unobtrusive, continuous, effective protection you need to put people at peace.

UV Angel’s proven, patented ultraviolet light technology works quietly and continuously in the background of your athletic facility or event space to neutralize up to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the air and on surfaces. Safe for use in occupied spaces, our technology brings pathogen control as close to the source — people — as possible.

UV Angel for Sports & Entertainment

Bring big-ticket entertainment and professional athletics back to your dedicated fans safely and effectively with UV Angel’s technology. For more information about our products for your athletic facility or entertainment venue, get in touch with a UV Angel Expert.

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Bringing us all back together — safely. We create the measurably cleaner environments people feel comfortable returning to.

The UV Angel Difference

  • 24/7/365 treatment. UV Angel products deliver always-on performance, continuously treating athletic facilities and event venues.
  • Safe for use in occupied spaces. UV Angel products don’t introduce or produce harmful chemicals or byproducts and work unobtrusively to safely neutralize pathogens at their source.
  • Up to 99.99% effective against bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
  • Room-level pathogen control supported by a big-picture, scalable software platform. Access all of the data you need, whenever and wherever you are.
  • Integrates well with building control systems.

Achieving greatness, together. The cleaner air athletes need to perform. The safer spaces fans need to celebrate.

How UV Angel Products Help Keep Performers, Athletes, Staff and Attendees Safe

UV Angel’s products are engineered with superior ultraviolet light technology and sophisticated software that supports an infinitely scalable pathogen control system — across training facilities, event spaces, and even entire stadiums. Take a look at the technology and the software that helps create the cleaner, safer environments that bring us all back together for sports & entertainment events.

Source-Control Air Treatment Technology

In your event venue or athletic training facility, the greatest source of pathogens is people. UV Angel Clean Air™ units install seamlessly into the ceiling of an occupied space — gyms, ticketing areas, event spaces, and more — to deliver always-on, seamless, and effective air treatment as close to that pathogen source as possible.

Clean Air™ units draw contaminated air into a shielded UV-C chamber, where viruses, bacteria, and fungi are neutralized every 0.7 seconds as they pass over a high-powered, shielded UV-C bulb. Treated air is then returned back into the room.

UV Angel Clean Air

Surface Treatment Technology

UV Angel Adapt™ units are the ideal solution for any high-touch area in your stadium, training facility, or event space. From ticketing booths to credit card machines, UV Angel Adapt units use intelligent sensors to detect surfaces that have been touched and neutralize present pathogens at the cellular level. With elimination rates greater than 99%, UV Angel Adapt units operate hundreds of times a day, keeping attendees, performers, and athletes safe without interrupting the flow of operations.

UV Angel Adapt

The Software to Bring it All Together

UV Angel’s technology is proven effective. But we know that creating cleaner, safer sports & entertainment venues requires implementing pathogen control at the source level while bringing big-picture insight into how our products are helping to keep your occupants safe. UV Angel’s software platform brings data from every UV Angel unit into one centralized, remotely accessible platform, so you can make sense of how your pathogen control system fits into the big picture.

Features Include:

  • IoT connectivity built into every UV Angel product
  • UV Angel’s Cloud platform allows you to access data on every unit from any location
  • Open API means you can easily integrate existing data sources and pathogen control systems, like HVAC and air filtration systems, building management systems, and more.
  • Advanced analytics deliver the custom reporting you need to make proactive, data-based decisions for the cleanliness of your commercial building

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