Consult with an Expert Team

Learn more about how UV Angel’s team can help you. UV Angel’s patented UV-C treatment technology can be integrated into a wide range of products. This spans many industries, including health care, food service, corporate, travel, retail, education, libraries and more.

hospital room with clean air filtration system

Data IOT and Analytics

See how Angel IOT and Angel Analytics can be integrated into your products. Angel Analytics puts powerful data into users’ hands, giving them the ability to make informed and imperative decisions regarding their health and safety. The UV Angel team can help develop IOT and analytics systems that integrate into and improve current operating procedures.

Air Site Analysis / Site Evaluation

The air that we breathe can be an invisible threat that costs billions in health care costs each year. This contaminated air then settles on surfaces, making them up to 8 times more contaminated.

UV Angel’s team of experts will analyze and evaluate the air quality at your business, factory or office. The team will also provide ways to improve the quality of air and prevent infections.