Ted Cole, Founder
Ted Cole | Founder

Ted has 25 years of Information Technology leadership experience, including the development of West Michigan’s first Windows-based online service for a network of 450 area churches.

Prior to UV Angel, Ted served as Director of Information Services & Director of Telecommunications for Holland Home, a West Michigan nonprofit providing health and assisted living services to the elderly.

Ted also served as Director of Information Services for the largest independent CPA firm in West Michigan. This involved virtualization, advanced data storage, consulting, electronic forensics, and participation in an international technology advisory committee for member accounting firms.

Ted attended Central Michigan University and has had three inventions selected as Senior Capstone Projects for Grand Valley State University’s School of Engineering. He lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Tom Byrne, CEO
Tom Byrne | CEO

Tom brings more than three decades of strategic business development and leadership experience to the technology, and health and life sciences industries.

With a focus on defining strategy and driving revenue in emerging markets, Tom has a passion for integrating health needs with cutting-edge product solutions. By working closely with customers, he finds innovative ways to empower teams to develop products that improve outcomes in multiple markets.

Before his role at UV Angel, Tom founded Byrne Advisory Group, where his team provided sales, engineering, and product development expertise to a range of clients.

Tom began his healthcare career as an Account Executive for McKesson General Medical. He then advanced his responsibilities, first as a Regional Sales Manager for Stryker Corporation, then as a Vice President for a closely held medical products company in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

A graduate of Northwood University DeVos School of Business, Tom sits on Advisory Boards for a range of early-stage companies, and actively supports a host of community and educational initiatives. He and his wife, Paula, have three children and live in Grand Haven, Michigan.

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David Baarman | CTO

A pioneer in electronic design and structured innovation, Dave oversees the platform of the UV Angel ecosystem and intellectual property portfolio.

Previously the Director of Advanced Technologies at Fulton Innovation, a division of Amway Corporation, Dave was the lead inventor of eCoupled™ intelligent wireless power technology.

Recognized around the globe, eCoupled is a foundational technology implemented in the Qi global wireless power standard. In addition to eCoupled, Dave was responsible for the technical supervision and development of several Fulton Innovation technologies.

Dave joined Amway in 1997, where he pioneered the use of intelligent inductive coupling in the eSpring Water Purifier. On the market for eight years, more than 1.5 million devices were sold in 38 countries.

Prior to Amway, Dave founded EBW Electronics, which today is rated 2,338th in the US, boasting 166% growth over the past three years.

Baarman holds over 300 US patents, 560 foreign patents, and has 350 patent applications pending. He is a 2010-2011 Michigan Leadership in Innovation finalist, 2011 Edison Award finalist, 2012 Best in Biz Award winner, 2012 Technology Executive of the Year, and 2012 Product Development/Management Executive of the Year.

Bret Lewis
Bret Lewis | COO & CFO

Bret offers over 30 years of executive leadership experience building and growing successful, strategically focused businesses.

Before UV Angel, Bret served as Chief Operating Officer for Cherette Group, a fully integrated property development/real estate company. Bret coordinated all operational aspects for the West Michigan firm, including investment performance, bank relationships, finance, and risk management.

From 2007 to 2013 Bret was Managing Director of Fulton Innovation, a division of Amway Corporation. Offering value-driven strategic direction, Bret’s work was instrumental to the commercialization of eCoupled™, the wireless power technology developed by UV Angel’s, Dave Baarman, and his team of engineers and scientists.

With Fulton Innovation as one of the founding members of the Wireless Power Consortium, Bret served as co-chairman of the steering committee responsible for developing the Qi standard, the globally recognized standard for wireless power.

Entrepreneurially minded, Bret has owned and operated companies around the world in industries ranging from component and advanced manufacturing systems to energy and real estate. He has also held senior-level positions in sales, marketing, operations, and finance with both public and privately held companies.

Bret is a graduate of Carroll University where he majored in Business and Finance. He and his wife, Rebecca, have two sons and make their home in West Michigan.

Doug Sharp, VP Finance
Doug Sharp | Director of Support & Implementation

Closely involved with UV Angel since its inception, Doug has over 20 years of executive-level experience with West Michigan’s largest independent accounting firm.

As a Controller for Beene Garter LLP, Doug oversaw all of the firm’s finances, including its real estate holdings and building management. He served on various committees to improve staff satisfaction and retention, and played a key role in various organizational software conversions.

Throughout his career, Doug has acquired a wealth of leadership knowledge and skill. He is recognized for his ability to successfully manage individuals and teams across a range of initiatives.

Before his career in finance, he was stationed in Quantico, Virginia, where he served in the U.S. Marine Corps for four years.

Doug grew up playing lacrosse and continues to fulfill his passion for the game as a varsity coach. He and his wife, Jessica, have three children and live in Spring Lake, Michigan.

Russell Flint, Business Development
Russell Flint | Sales Director

Russell brings over 30 years of healthcare sales and business development expertise to the UV Angel Team.

Throughout his career, Russell has been involved in developing new markets, creating successful avenues for new products, and delivering a consultative approach to end users. Focused on better outcomes for clients and patients alike, he is known for listening, problem solving, and exceeding expectations.

In the two decades prior to UV Angel, Russell helped lead a privately held medical products distribution company specializing in new market penetration, durable medical equipment sales, and promoting healthcare Information Technology Systems geared toward patient safety.

A New Hampshire native and University of New Hampshire graduate, Russell started his career working for a medical equipment distributor in New England. He went on to work for the Smith & Nephew Equipment Group, where he excelled in sales and product management. He was then promoted to Business Development and Surgical Product Management when the company was purchased by MDT/Castle.

A resident of Saint Augustine, Florida, Russell and his wife, Kerrie, have four children. Outside of work, he keeps busy with sports and spending time with family.

CJ Moore
CJ Moore | Lead Electrical Engineer

With dozens of patents to his name, CJ has more than 10 years of hands-on experience converting new technologies into product applications.

For more than a decade, CJ has explored how to transform new sensor technologies, IoT connectivity solutions, and wireless power system applications into innovative, market-shifting products.

With a focus on solving some of the world’s most pressing technical challenges, CJ spent the better part of his career at Amway Corporation in Ada, Michigan. Tasked with eCoupled™ intelligent wireless power technology, CJ played a key role in integrating the technology into millions of consumer electronics devices.

CJ also helped develop proof of concepts geared toward motion, vibration, particulate, and electrochemical sensing. His efforts were instrumental in the development of Amway’s first connected product. To date, CJ has applied for hundreds of patents of which more than 50 have been granted to date.

CJ and his wife, Amy, live in Grand Rapids, Michigan with their two young children. When not involved in house renovations, he enjoys golf and fishing.

Jill Wolgemuth
Jill Wolgemuth | Marketing Manager

Jill has over 13 years of experience managing national and international brands for a range of marketing agencies.

Before joining UV Angel, Jill served as Account Director for Blue Flame Thinking, an integrated business-to-business marketing agency based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. While there, Jill led campaigns for Bissell, Franklin Energy, Founder’s Brewing Co., and Spartan Motors, Inc.

Prior to that, Jill worked for Agent X, a global communications strategy, facilitation, and measurement firm. In the role of Account Director, she led global brand initiatives for Fulton Innovation, the division of Amway responsible for developing and marketing eCoupled™ intelligent wireless power technology.

An avid art enthusiast, Jill studied Graphic Design at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti. When not looking after their two daughters, Jill and her partner, Carl, like relaxing at the beach, sailing, and kayaking.

Dr. Linda D. Lee, MBA
Dr. Linda D. Lee, MBA | Chief Medical Affairs and Science Officer

A sought-after health industry speaker and author, Dr. Lee has spent over 30 years working with organizations, ranging from CH2M Hill to the MD Anderson Cancer Center.

A certified indoor air quality manager with a focus on the relationship of opportunistic environmental pathogens, Dr. Lee brings more than three decades of experience to her role at UV Angel.

In addition to positions at CH2M Hill, WM Healthcare Solutions, the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and Stericycle, Dr. Lee has authored numerous peer-reviewed publications as well as three American Hospital Association-published books.

After earning her Bachelor’s in Environmental Health Science from Indiana State University, Dr. Lee earned a Master’s in Operations Management from the University of Arkansas College of Engineering. She completed a Doctorate of Public Health in Occupational and Environmental Health from the University of Texas Health Science Center and has an MBA with an emphasis in Healthcare Management.

Dr. Lee has been invited to present at SHEA, AIHce, IPAC-Canada, and the C Diff Foundation Conference and is a corresponding Member of  ASHRAE Ultraviolet Air & Surface Treatment-T-TAC-TC02.09 & ASHRAE Roster Health Care Facilities-T-TAC-TC09.06.

In her spare time, Dr. Lee enjoys spending time with her three grandchildren and rooting on her Houston Texans.

Paul Byrne
Paul Byrne | Director of Product

With experience ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Machine Learning, Paul is using his extensive software background to shape the future of UV disinfection.

With experience leading onshore and offshore development teams, Paul is recognized for his ability to understand user needs and integrate them, quickly and effectively, into groundbreaking technologies. He has worked with numerous national and international companies spanning the healthcare, life sciences, retail, and consumer goods industries.

Prior to UV Angel, Paul served as a Senior Digital Strategy Consultant for IBM. In his role, he worked on projects ranging from AI-enhanced healthcare prediction systems to education analytics to large-scale enterprise applications.

He began his career with Cisco Systems in Sales and Product Strategy, where he focused on technologies that would enable greater sales team performance.

Paul is a graduate of the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. Based in Washington, DC, he enjoys volunteering, travel, and skiing in his free time.