Stop Surface Pathogens Before They Become HAIs

Each year, healthcare facilities spend $35-$45 billion as a direct cost of healthcare-associated infections (HAI) and disease transmission[i]. In the US alone, HAIs affect one in 25 people and account for 72,000 deaths yearly.

[i] Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) National Action Plan

That’s because bacteria can be easily transmitted through commonly-touched surfaces like keyboards, point-of-sale terminals, tablets, phones, medical equipment, even furniture.  Healthcare facilities are fighting this battle with multiple measures like harsher cleaning chemicals, UV-C robot room cleaners, attempts at stricter hand-washing policies, and more.

They’re all good practices, but ineffective on their own.

Save Time, Save Money, Save Lives
Frequently- touched and difficult-to-clean technology continues to converge at the patient bedside and is a source of disease transmission pathways. Consider the enormous expansion of medical record devices with sensitive electronics like touchscreens and keyboards. Many of these devices are touched hundreds of times a day, placing an unrealistic burden on hospital staff tasked with cleaning them properly and frequently. Simply put, surface contamination is occurring more frequently than disinfection cleaning can occur. What’s worse is this contaminated equipment can often travel between patient rooms and hospital departments.
Intelligent, Automated Disinfection

The UV Angel Solution stops the transmission of infections at the source, without the need for human intervention. By using its patented UV-C technology to disinfect surfaces, UV Angel has solutions that supplement existing infection prevention strategies, significantly reducing the spread of bacteria in healthcare facilities, food service outlets, retail stores and any other environments where employee and customer well-being is a priority.

Healthcare Leaders Need Technologies that Reduce Bioburden on Hospital Surfaces around the Clock – Independent of Human Intervention.

By using UV Angel’s UV-C based technology platform to disinfect surfaces, the transmission of bacteria in healthcare facilities can be significantly reduced.

  • Safeguards patients, caregivers, and families
  • Improves quality, safety, and productivity standards
  • Automates technology to reduce bacteria and cross-contamination, independent of intervention
  • Simplifies responsibilities of busy staff
  • Provides critical disinfection data metrics to improve care

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