Stop Surface Pathogens Before They Stop Your Employees



Viruses and Bacteria Can Survive for Hours to Months on Surfaces like Telephones and Touch Screens


Research has shown that high bacterial counts have been detected on everything from touch screen kiosks, to office phones, water fountains, computer keyboards, and vending machine buttons; particularly high viral counts were detected on desks, computer mice, and phones, especially in cubicles.  And if that’s not worrying enough, the typical office desk harbors more than 10 million bacteria, 400 times more germs than found on a standard toilet seat[ii].

The problem is magnified when the workplace includes a public kiosk or customer-facing counter like an airport terminal or hotel reception desk.

Some of the issue is that the threat for infectious diseases is high in the office, simply because employees work in close proximity and share desks, workstations, restrooms, eating areas and surfaces that harbor a broad spectrum of micro-organisms and bacteria.

When Hand-Washing Isn’t Enough

Despite the education campaigns around the importance of hand-washing and vaccinations, along with regularly cleaning surfaces and devices, th

ose practices alone are unable to prevent infections in the workplace.
No matter the industry, businesses of all kinds need cost-effective strategies and technologies to prevent infections in theworkplace that harm employees, put customers at risk, and cost billions in lost revenue.

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Versatile Across Many Markets

The war against transmission-based disease and drug-resistant superbugs is only beginning. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have incentivized hospitals―with billions of dollars at stake―to solve this problem. While our initial focus is healthcare, similar opportunities are available in other market verticals.


Intelligent, Automated Disinfection

The UV Angel Solution UV Angel stops the transmission of infections at the source, without the need for human intervention. By using its patented UV-C technology to disinfect surfaces, UV Angel has solutions that supplement existing infection prevention strategies, significantly reducing the spread of bacteria in healthcare facilities, food service outlets, retail stores and any other environments where employee and customer well-being is a priority.

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