Food Service

Stop Surface Pathogens Before They Become Foodborne Illnesses


Foodborne illness is a preventable public health challenge that causes an estimated 48 million illnesses, 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths each year in the United States.


Bacteria Touches Everything Your Employees & Customers Touch

It is an illness that caused by harmful bacteria or other pathogens in food and is easily transmitted through commonly-touched and shared surfaces like point-of-sale terminals, keyboards, food preparation surfaces, self-service areas, and even furniture.  Restauranteurs, franchisees and the food service industry are fighting this battle from multiple fronts including hand sanitizers, harsh cleaning chemicals, single-use items, customer and employee education signage, stricter hand-washing policies, and even staff monitoring. They’re all good practices, but ineffective on their own.

Disenfecting Restaurant Touch Screens

Whether it’s fast food, self-service or full-service restaurants, there are surfaces throughout the establishment that are both frequently-touched and difficult to clean – a key pathway for bacteria transmission.  Many of these surfaces are touched hundreds of times a day, making it unrealistic for staff to clean them properly or frequently.

The food service industry needs more effective ways to prevent contaminations that put customers and employees at risk.

Intelligent, Automated Disinfection

The UV Angel Solution UV Angel stops the transmission of infections at the source, without the need for human intervention. By using its patented UV-C technology to disinfect surfaces, UV Angel has solutions that supplement existing infection prevention strategies, significantly reducing the spread of bacteria in healthcare facilities, food service outlets, retail stores and any other environments where employee and customer well-being is a priority.

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