UV Angel® and Ergotron®
Disinfection without Disruption.

See how Ergotron is integrating patented UV Angel UV-C technology into products like CareFit® and StyleView®. Used widely by healthcare professionals, the high-touch surfaces of these products are automatically disinfected hundreds of times a day without any assistance from staff.
Uv Angel ergotron HiMMS 2019


UV Angel® and Surfacide®
Creating the Most Comprehensive Disinfection Solution Available.
See how together UV Angel and Surfacide are providing a solution for health care facilities, empowering them with the most effective and cost-efficient UV-C disinfection program on the market.
UV Angel and Surfacide partner at HiMMS19 News Release 2/11


See UV Angel in Three Locations at HIMSS19

Booth 1301
Germs are everywhere. Including the surfaces caregivers touch most. See how UV Angel is making frequently touched surfaces greater than 99% pathogen free—with no interruption to workflow. Find us alongside Surfacide® here: Exhibit Hall – 1301

Intelligent Health Pavilion 8559-14
Studies have revealed the presence of HAI-related pathogens on 1 in 4 frequently touched surfaces. Experience how UV Angel disinfection technology interacts within health clinic, ED, and ICU settings. Find us here: Exhibit Hall – 8559-14

Find Us with Ergotron® at Booth 959
See how Ergotron is integrating patented UV Angel technology into products like CareFit® and StyleView® for disinfection without disruption. Exhibit Hall – 959


Clinical Validation
Read how UV Angel technology effectively disinfects keyboards in a case study conducted by Northwestern Medicine’s Andrew Gostine, MD, MBA.

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Easy Integration for IT
Henry Ford Hospital’s Principal Mobility Architect, Ali Youssef, shares how caregivers are delivering safer, more effective care without disrupting workflow, as well as how a well-conceived integration platform effectively serves IT departments.

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Pathogens are Relentless. And So is UV Angel.

Using an intelligent, automated UV-C light disinfection platform, UV Angel continuously monitors to detect when surfaces have been used and automatically disinfects hundreds of times a day without any assistance from staff.

Continuous Monitoring

The moment a potential threat is detected on surfaces such as keyboards, monitors and equipment, UV Angel begins breaking down the bacteria at the cellular level, killing greater than 99%.

Disruption-Free Workflow

The UV Angel platform can target and disinfect surfaces hundreds of times a day, providing 24/7 disruption-free workflow.

Real-Time Data

UV Angel provides real-time reports on multiple data points, including how often and how long surfaces are disinfected. Use your data to demonstrate the highest safety standards.

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Enter to Win a Free UV Angel Aura Clean and Charge and Adapt Pilot

For a limited time, healthcare providers can enter to win a free multi-department pilot. If selected, we will provide an Aura Clean and Charge and multiple Adapt series devices.


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