Aura Clean and Charge™


Phone Disinfection And Wireless Charging

Advanced UV-C technology kills HAIs on your phone while still letting you see incoming calls, emails, and texts.

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The UV Angel® automated UV-C light disinfection platform continuously monitors to detect when surfaces have been used and automatically disinfects them throughout the day without any assistance from staff.

Clinically Validated
Read how UV Angel technology effectively disinfects keyboards in a case study conducted by Northwestern Medicine’s Andrew Gostine, MD, MBA.

Continuous Monitoring
The moment a potential threat is detected on surfaces, such as keyboards, monitors and equipment, UV Angel begins breaking down the bacteria at the cellular level, killing greater than 99%.

Disruption-Free Workflow
The UV Angel platform can target and disinfect surfaces hundreds of times a day, providing 24/7 disruption-free workflow.

Real-Time Data
UV Angel provides real-time reports on multiple data points, including how often and how long surfaces are disinfected. Use your data to demonstrate the highest safety standards.

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